Holiday Party Themes

Christmas is only a few weeks away which means party season is in full force.  If you are hosting a holiday get-together but have left the details to the last-minute, below are some party themes that you can pull together in just a few days and that are much less stressful than planning a full sit down dinner.

 1. Cookie Exchange Party

Cookie exchange parties are a great way to cut down your baking this holiday season.  Plan a get-together with your girlfriends and exchange cookies and recipes, and don’t forget to indulge in all your hard work.  If you need inspiration check out Style At Home’s top 25 cookie recipes.

2. Wine & Cheese Open House

An open house or drop in holiday party is definitely less stressful than planning a full sit down meal, and often times you can accommodate more of your family and friends.  Keep it simple and offer a selection of wine and cheese with all of the fixings such as crackers, fruit, jellies and jams.  It won’t break the bank, and you will get to visit with a lot more people than an intimate dinner party.

3. Potluck

Potlucks are a great option when you have a group of approximately 6 to 12 people, and it takes a great deal of stress off the hostesses in terms of planning and cost.  Pick a genre of food in advance such as traditional holiday food, Italian, Mexican and so on, and communicate that with your guests.  Have them indicate what they are bringing in advance so you can make sure all of the food groups are covered.   

4. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Everyone loves an ugly christmas sweater party.  It makes for great photos and even better memories.  If you don’t have an ugly sweater in your wardrobe take a trip to Value Village, they will definitely have something suitable.  Have some prizes for the top 3 ugliest sweaters and serve some light hors d’oeuvres, wine, and beer and your guests are sure to have a great time.


5. Secret Santa/ Gift Exchange

Secret Santa parties can be a lot of fun, especially with a close group of friends.  Put a maximum dollar amount on the gift to keep things consistent and fair.  Put the names of your guests, including yourself, in a hat prior to the party and have everyone draw a name.  The name you pick will be the person you buy for and don’t forget it is a secret…so don’t spoil it! 

If you have a large group of people this can also be a really fun and interactive game.  Have everyone bring a wrapped gift in the dollar amount chosen.   The host will distribute a playing card to each person as they arrive at the party.  The host will then use another deck of cards and will call out the card number and suit as it is pulled.  The person with the matching card gets to select a gift.  They can either choose a gift from the pile or steal from someone who has already selected a gift.  If your gift gets stolen, you then get to steal a gift from someone else, and so on! 

A secret santa party is the perfect time to host a potluck of hors d’ouvres.  Ask your guests to bring a bite sized appetizer or dessert with them, and you have all of the elements for a perfect holiday party.


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