Holiday Hostess Gifts

‘Tis the season for party going, which often raises the question, do I have to give a hostess gift?  The answer is YES.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or over-the-top, but rather a small thoughtful gesture to show your appreciation.  Below we have outlined some of our favourite  holiday hostess gifts. 

Baked Goods

You can never go wrong with scrumptious baked treats.  Homemade cookies, candied nuts and cake pops, as well other festive recipes like we shared last week, make great hostess gifts.  One of my all time favourites to make and give  is the snowflake christmas tree.  Using snowflake cookie cutters in various sizes, bake two cookies in each size, then decorate and stack the cookies from big to small to create a christmas tree shape.  Use a mixture of icing sugar and water to adhere the cookies together.  Sprinkle with icing sugar and you are done!  If you are not a stellar baker, you should consider purchasing some baked goods from a delicious bakery in your area.  Pusateri’s has some great holiday desserts or you may want to try Phipps Bakery on Eglinton- YUM!


Wine or Champagne

A bottle of wine or champagne is relatively effort free and a great gift idea around the holidays since it can be re-gifted or enjoyed at another holiday get-together.  Take it up a notch and make a bag for your bottle of wine using some really nice fabric or purchase some accessories like festive wine stops or charms.  

Cookies in a Jar Recipes

One of my favourite hostess gift ideas is the whole cookie recipe in a jar idea.  They look great and are a time saver for your host or hostess. Find your favourite cookie recipe and layer the dry ingredients (in the required measurements of course) in a glass jar.  Attach the recipe and instructions with a tag to the jar, and all your hostess will have to do is simply add the liquid ingredients and they will have a batch of your favourite cookies in no time.

Candles, Creams and More

Bath and Body works has some delightful three wick scented candles this time of year including scents like Twisted Peppermint, Hot Buttered Rum, Gingerbread, and Fireside.  They are absolutely heavenly and make for a nice gift.  If you know your hostess well, scented lotions, creams and bath accessories are also a nice touch.


Recipe Gift Baskets

If your hostess enjoys cooking, a recipe gift basket is an ideal gift.  Print your favourite recipe on a nice piece of stationary and purchase the ingredients to go with it.  Pick a recipe that does not necessarily include a lot of fresh ingredients.  A pasta dish usually works best for this type of thing. 

Happy gift hunting!


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