The Gift Network

Calling all brides, have we found something for you!

Check out the latest innovation in wedding registries, we think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Gift Network (TGN) is 90 gift registries in one! They offer a completely free service that grants TGN users access to our store partner’s products on one centralized system. Each store partner has their own registry, but leverages the other stores on the network in order to provide you with a complete registry offering online at!

TGN eliminates the stress and hassle of creating a gift registry at department stores that offer a little bit of everything, but specialize in nothing. By providing limitless options, The Gift Network transforms the gift registry process into an exhilarating, individualized, and highly intimate experience.

TGN’s store partners are experienced retailers who specialize in the products they sell, providing users with the necessary expertise to build their dream registry. The service allows users to shop within their community, selecting items unique to their style and discerning tastes.

Visit their How It Works page to get a better feel for the process. It’s a simple and truly wonderful experience.

Contact us for our promo code!   Input our promo code when you register at The Gift Network and you will be entered  into a contest to win $1000.00  TGN Gift Card.  This Gift Card can also be used at any one of TGN’s 92 partnered stores. This contest will occur every month beginning on  Dec. 15th.  

Contact us at for your chance to win!

Happy Shopping


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