Picture Perfect

This past weekend, Gush had the pleasure of working a stunning, English Garden themed wedding at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto.  One of our favourite elements was the photo booth that the bride and her good friend created  for the reception.  Having a background in interior and set design they were able to create an amazing backdrop for photos.  Their elaborate photo wall has inspired today’s blog.

Photo booths are a great way to keep your guests entertained during cocktail hour and throughout your reception. They also preserve the candid memories of your special day that your photographer may not capture. 

There are numerous companies in the GTA that rent out traditional photo booths.  Snapz is one vendor that comes highly recommended www.snapzphotobooth.ca.  Companies like Snapz will often offer additional services with the booth including the option to create a guest book with all of the photos taken at your event or a cd with all of the images.  Traditionally the rental will include one to two photo strips for your guests.  A rental unit will cost approximately $1200 to $1400 for a 3 to 4 hour period, and the price will usually increase for every additional hour you require the rental.

If you do not want to go the traditional photo booth route, there are lots of other ways you can capture your guests having a blast.

Similar to the wedding we did this weekend, you can build an elaborate back drop with wall paper, framed photos and open frames for your guests to interact with the photo wall.  It is nice to hang some real photos of you and your grooms family.  You may want to stick to the wedding theme and have all wedding day photos or you may prefer to showcase an assortment of special occasions.  If you or someone in your family are super handy this is a great option.  Ask the venue to set aside a few easels which can be used to prop up the photo wall. 

For a really simple, but still very aesthetically pleasing option, purchase some fabric in either a solid colour or pattern (it’s your prerogative).  You can either hang the fabric by cutting holes in the top corners and create grommets so that it can be hung in the venue with string or rope.  The other option is to use a room divider (which some venues will have) that you can drape the fabric over. If you have large props at your disposal like a couch, table or chandelier, definitely make use of them!

For an added touch, purchase a number of frames and remove the glass.  Your guests can then pose in front of the fabric with the empty frames. 

Regardless of which option you choose, it is always nice to provide props for your guests including bowas, hats, glasses, mustaches, and so on.  It is a  given that your guests will have fun and you will have the photos to prove it!


Photos courtesy of Google Images


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