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Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays. Mainly because of the amazing food, good company and to me it encompasses all the wonderful things that fall brings including colourful leaves, pumpkins, pinecones, and harvest vegetables, all which make for great table decor.

I am definitely not the cook in my family. Yes, I am a huge disappointment to my Italian heritage.  So for holidays that require a big meal with friends and family I find it best to distract everyone with a beautiful tablescape, so the attention is on my stunning centrepiece and not my overcooked bird.

Today I am going to share some of our favourite table decor ideas for Thanksgiving. They are easy and take little to no time to whip up…just in time for this upcoming weekend.

Turkey Pinecone Name Cards

This one is courtesy of Martha Stewart.  They are the most adorable little creatures and are super-duper easy to make.  All you need is pinecones,  brown pipe cleaners and feathers, which you can buy at any arts and crafts store.  Bend a 3 inch pipe cleaner to create the beak and attach it using craft glue.  Attach 3 or more feathers to the other end of the pinecone to create the tail.  Make your place cards using a heavy cardstock paper and the font of your choice.

Harvest Vegetable Centrepieces

Centerpieces are extremely important as they are often the focal point of any table.  Keep in mind that your table is about to be bombarded with copious amounts of platters, dishes, glassware, and so on, so you do not want your centrepiece to be too large.  With fall comes many delicious and eye-catching harvest vegetables so why not utilize them.  You can put together an inexpensive centrepiece with a large bowl (I prefer wooden) and colourful harvest vegetables such as pumpkins, squash, and orange bell peppers. If you are feeling extra creative, hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with your favourite fall flowers.


If you are extremely crafty you can purchase some festive fabric and sew your very own napkins.  In place of napkin rings consider ribbon in fall colours (brown, red, orange) or even something more natural like twine.

Party Favours

Every party needs a favour.  I recommend candy apples which anyone can do with these simple ingredients: granny smith apples, caramel sauce, chocolate (for melting) and candies/chocolates (for rolling).  Wash and dry a granny smith apple; remove the stem and insert a lollipop stick into the stem end of the apple.  Dip your apple in caramel sauce and/or melted chocolate, then roll them in your favourite candies.  Cool in the refrigerator until the caramel/chocolate is set.  If you are lazy or don’t have time, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory sells some amazing candy apple creations.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart & Google Images


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