DJ Disaster

We recently had a request for some tips on how to secure a “great” DJ for your wedding or event.

This video is a stellar example of a DJ’ing disaster.

When choosing a DJ for you wedding or next event  look for the 3 P’s:


You want a DJ who is a professional. Look for  someone who does this for a living. Those who do this full time are invested in the industry and know how to do the job rather someone who does this as a side gig on the weekends to pick up a little extra cash!


When meeting with a potential DJ for the first time try to note how they are dressed and how they behave in your presence. Are they polite, articulate, and well spoken?  This will be a good indication of how they will conduct themselves infront of your friends and family.  I would also take note of their education. What credentials do they have?  Are they are members of any associations?  This will help identify how they value their business and their clients.


Look for a DJ who is confidently prepared for any unforseen circumstance. Inquire about their equipment. What do they carry with them?  What is their protocol in case of an emergency? Ask what happens if they become ill? Do they have a backup who can take their place and still do a great job?  These questions will help you identify whether you will be putting your event  in good hands or the likelihood of it ending up like our example above. Yikes!

Or better yet, ask your coordinator for their DJ referrals, nothing beats first hand experience!


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One response to “DJ Disaster

  • Erica F

    Love this post ladies! Thanks for answering my question 🙂

    I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t even think to ask what happens if you get sick? Yikes, so much to consider!

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