Toronto Wedding Venues

Last Monday we featured a few venues in Toronto that are great spots to host events with 50 to 100 guests.  As a continuation, today we are going to share some of our favourite wedding venues in the GTA for weddings with 100 guests or more.

The Distillery District

The Distillery District is located in the heart of Toronto, filled with culture, art and entertainment; not to mention some amazing architecture and history.  The Distillery offers a number of different event venues all unique and rich in character.  Depending on the venue you choose and your reception style you will be able to host anywhere from 100 to 600 guests comfortably.  We highly recommend checking out The Boiler House, The Thompson Landry Gallery and the Fermenting Cellar.  Each of these venues offer a different experience and atmosphere for your guests, as well as the option to host both your ceremony and reception on site.

The Fermenting Cellar can host up to 400 people for a seated reception or 600 for cocktails.  The space is breath-taking offering an industrial, vintage, chic atmosphere.

The Boiler House is another one of  our favourites.  It can accommodate 300 guests for a cocktail reception or 130 for a sit down dinner.   In contrast to the Fermenting Cellar this space is very contemporary.


The Thompson Landry Cooperage Space is an active art gallery that showcases artwork and sculptures of Quebec artists.  If you are an art lover, this space is for you.  It is on the smaller side, with the ability to host 100 for a sit down dinner or 150 for a cocktail reception.

Wychwood Barns

Wychwood Barns opened its doors officially in November of 2008 but hosted another launch in 2011.  And although we have not had the opportunity to plan a wedding or event in this space, the venue blew us away.  Wychwood Barns was at one time the historic Wychwood TTC street car repair barns and today still shows some of its roots.  Not only can you host your ceremony and reception inside the barn, but there is also a courtyard available for your use.  Make note, that due to the area this venue restricts loud music and/or performances after 10pm Sunday through Wednesday and 11pm  Thursday through Saturday.

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Do you love glitz and glam?  Well the Ritz Carlton Toronto is for you.  The name alone will have your guests oohing and awing.  The Ritz-Carlton Ballroom located on the 2nd floor of the hotel is surrounded by a spectacular foyer enclosed by floor to ceiling windows, giving your guests a beautiful view of the city at a street level.  The ballroom is stunning with dark woods and elegant floral shaped chandeliers.  The space can hold up to 400 to 450 people for a seated dinner including a space for the dance floor.  One word of caution, the carpet although very patriotic with its maple leafs and flowing streams, can be a challenging colour scheme to work with as rich yellows, reds and blues are not commonly a colour combination chosen by brides.  But don’t let this deter you, once you fill the room with tables, the carpet seems to blend in.

Stay tuned for more exciting venues…

Photos courtesy of Google images.


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