Say Cheese!

Looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding cake? Here’s one for you.

If you are not a fan of sweets, or if you are just looking to wow your guests with something different, why not opt for a cheese cake! No, not a “cheesecake” in the traditional sense, but an actual cake made out of layered cheeses.  Cheese cake towers have been a growing trend for a while now and while they are quite beautiful they also make for a great late night snack . Garnished with nuts, fresh or dried fruit and served with baskets of crackers, artisan breads and chutney, your guests will be in heaven.  Cheese cakes are also a great alternative for diabetics.

Cheese cake towers are made up a various sized round pinwheels including Brie, Stilton, Cheddar, Vignotte, Wensleydale, Goat and Old Sussex cheeses. I would suggest avoiding any fruit flavoured cheeses as they tend to leak fluid which will spoil the look of the cake.


You can have anywhere from two up to six tiers of cheese depending on your guest count.  The rule of thumb is to order 100g of cheese per person (3.5oz). Keep in mind you will also need to include at least one, perhaps two, very sharp, strong knives for cutting.


Here’s where to shop in Toronto:

The Cheese Boutique:

Cheese Emporium:

Or check out the following blog:

Happy cheese hunting!


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2 responses to “Say Cheese!

  • DorP

    THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you so much for blogging about my topic! I want a cheese cake for every party…I’m salivating. What a delicious and unique idea. And so yummy. Thanks so much ladies- you just made my day! :oD

  • bulk golf tees

    Excellent post – thanks. Really informative and straight to the point. Keep up the great work and I’ve subscribed to your RSS 🙂

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