Colour Combinations

Choosing your wedding colour scheme is almost as important as securing a venue for your big day.  Your colour choices will drive 90% of your decisions during the planning process, so choose wisely.  You want to select your colour scheme once you have finalized your ceremony and reception sites and prior to any other big decisions like invitations, wedding party attire, and decor.  Today we are going to share some colour knowledge to help you turn your vision into a reality.

Colour Combinations


Deep purples are romantic, rich, and elegant; while light or pastel purples are fresh and feminine.

Our favourite purple colour combinations: silver, white, hot pink and blush


Dark blues such as royal blue can be very formal and elegant.  Navy blues can swing either way with a nautical flare. Pale  blues however are more casual beach chic.

Our favourite blue colour combinations: navy and white, pale blue and white, cherry red and light blue, navy and hot pink.











Pink is my personal favourite since it is so diverse.  Hot pink can be very modern and playful.  Pale pinks on the other hand can create a vintage feel, set a romantic mood or be sweet and charming.

Our favourite pink colour combinations: Hot pink and lime green, pale pink and gold/silver, blush and black


Regardless of the shade, yellow is very cheerful.   The combination of yellow and white can be garden chic or more on the casual side.  If you want a more preppy vibe, try marigold and pewter or lemon and tangerine.

Our favourite yellow colour combinations: pale yellow and white, lemon and grey (cobalt)


Green hues symbolize nature and freshness.  Lime or apple greens paired with other vibrant shades create a modern feel.  If you want a more casual elegance, celery green and leaf green are a good place to start.

Our favourite green colour combinations: celery and salmon pink, grass-green and buttercup, celery green and white


Red exudes romance and glamour.  If you want to make a lasting impression, red in combination with colours like hot pink and purple will do the trick.

Our favourite red colour combinations:  cherry red and aqua, deep red and chocolate, purple and deep red, hot pink and purple-red

Setting the Mood

If you are unsure of your colour scheme but can pin point the atmosphere you want to achieve, check out “mood guide” below.


Red, purples, pinks

Traditional Elegance

white, silver, gold, ivory


Hot pink, lime green, black and white


turquoise, orange, purple, gold, hot pink



pale pinks and blues, silver, gold

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Style Me Pretty

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