Bachelorette Blowouts

Historically, bachelorette parties were modeled after the bachelor party, which once upon a time was a dinner given by the groom  to his friends shortly before his wedding.  Traditionally a bachelorette’s party is simply a party given in honor of the bride-to-be, in the style that is common to that social circle.  So why does something so simple always turn out to be such an ordeal?

Bachelorette parties can be the source of many disagreements amongst those planning it, if there are multiple hosts.  After experiencing many of these parties first hand, we’ve come to learn that a great deal of the drama stems from deciding what activities to partake in and the cost of those activities.

When hosting a bachelorette party just remember that the party is not about you  and what you enjoy doing.  It is about the bride-to-be, so choose the activities accordingly. To help you with your planning we have outlined a few different ideas for brides of all sorts.

Pole Dancing

In recent years, pole dancing has become a very popular bachelorette activity.  In Toronto there are fitness places such as Flirty Girl Fitness that allow you to host your very own private party with booze while you pole dance, strip, or lap dance the night away with your closest girlfriends.


Spa Day

If your bride-to-be is less on the tamer side consider pampering her with a spa day.  It is a great way to help her relax before the big day and spend quality time with her loved ones.  The spa can even come to you.  Check out travelling spa services such as The Mobile Spa

Slumber Party

A slumber party is a great way to make your bride-to-be feel like a kid again.  This is a great option for non partier types and the nostalgic bride.  Rent a whole bunch of romantic comedies or old school movies from the 80’s and stock up on lots of junk food.  You may even want to consider setting aside some time for manis, pedis, and facials.

Sex Toy Parties

For the naughty bride, a sex toy party can be tons of fun and a whole lot of laughs.  Companies like Fantasia come to your house and show you all of the newest gadgets. You can stock the bride up with toys to use on her honeymoon and some for yourself of course.  A stripper might be a nice way to cap the evening off.


Wine Tour & Tasting

For wine lovers, a wine tour and tasting in the Niagara region is the perfect way to spend your final days as a single girl.  There are companies in Niagara such as The Grape Escape will organize a day long tour where you visit multiple wineries and sample copious amounts of wine, and even have a delicious picnic lunch or elegant dinner.  For those up for a challenge, you can also organize a bike wine tour! 


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