E-Session Part 2

Erin & Ryan Bolger

Young Hearts Photography:  www.younghearts.ca

Location: Bus Terminal Diner at Danforth & Coxwell and Sugar Beach, Toronto.

Erin on why it was important for her and Ryan to have an E-session…

It was especially important for us to have an engagement session because of the way our wedding took place. We only had a 3 week engagement. Ryan’s sister was very sick with cancer and didn’t have much time left. It was one of her wishes to see us get married, so we decided to forgo the traditional wedding planning and have the wedding right away so she could be there. However we didn’t want to feel as though we missed out on some of the wedding things we wanted to do. So, when we had the engagement photos taken, we were actually already married for close to a year. We essentially planned our wedding backwards.

One of my favourite photos is under the large tree in Sugar Beach -the colour in the photo is amazing. Also, it is very natural and just shows the two of us chatting as we normally would. I am not a fan of posing for the camera. There is more feeling when you can tell its natural.

Emily & Mario Baggieri

Gennarino Photography: http://www.gennarino.ca

Location: Liberty Village & Sunnyside Pavillion

Emily on why she recommends doing an e-session….

I would highly recommend doing an e-session as it marks a very special time in the couples lives, the engagement is the beginning of their new life together and its nice to have pictures of that, plus it was a lot fun!

Apart from our photos being framed in our home, we used them for the table numbers at our wedding. Our engagement picture was on one side and then the table number on the other side with another picture faded in the background.  How lovely!

Liz & Jeff Scheniman

Red Umbrella Photography: www.redumbrellaphotography.ca

Location: University of Western Ontario Campus, London

Liz on why her and Jeff chose this particular location for their E-session…

Jeff and I met during frosh week of first year university – 10 years this September!  The idea of going back to the place where we originally met to take our engagement photos was exciting not to mention, nostalgic. It was where we fell in love, where we had our first kiss and our first date…

Just being back on that campus brought back so many good memories and I feel like that really came through in our photos.  It really was a such a magical day…

I would highly recommend if the budget permits to do an E-sesssion. It is the perfect opportunity for you to get comfortable in front of the camera as well as with your photographer.  It is essential  that you have a good connection, after all you will be spending the whole day with them on your wedding. 


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