Wedding Etiquette Faux Pas for Guests


As a follow-up to our post last Monday on wedding etiquette faux pas for brides and grooms, today we are sharing with you some faux pas that guests should avoid.

1. RSVP promptly

Be sure to RSVP as soon as possible.  The final guest list affects everything from food quantities to centrepieces, and you don’t want to be the one delaying the final decisions. When sending your RSVP, ensure you give it enough travel time so that it arrives before the RSVP date.

2. Do not bring family members or children that are not invited

Only the individuals whose names are on the envelope are invited to the wedding.  If your children’s names are not listed and the invitation is not addressed to “The Smith Family,” they are not welcome.  It is a big no-no to show up with uninvited guests!

3. Be on time

It is best to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.  If you happen to arrive late, be sure you are not about to interrupt the processional and/or the bride’s big moment.  When the coast is clear, do not walk down the centre aisle, use the outside aisles to find a seat. 

4. Dress Appropriately

The key is to not upstage the bride and therefore it is still a faux pas to wear white to  a traditional wedding where the bride is expected to wear a white gown.  If the invitation dictates the type of attire: semi-formal, formal, black-tie, etc, try your best to adhere to the dress code.  After all, it is you that will feel out-of-place if you are not dressed appropriately.

5. Don’t roast the bride and groom in your speech

If you are in the wedding party or a family member of the bride or groom and have the opportunity to make a toast, do not bring up embarrassing or inappropriate stories unless they have given you the thumbs up.   Every family is different, and some make not take well to a story about the bride partying during her college days.



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