E-Session (Part 1)

E-sessions have been a growing trend for a while now and so we thought we would investigate why this has become such a popular avenue for most newly engaged couples.

For those of you unaware, an e-session is an engagement photo shoot for the bride and groom before the wedding. Originally photos were captured for a newspaper announcement following an engagement , but now a days e-sessions are arranged for a number of different reasons.

We have seen couples use their e-session photos for their save the dates, wedding websites, table numbers, guest books and just for display on their wedding day.

The session is great opportunity to get familiar with your photographer and their shooting style as well as getting comfortable in front of the camera. It is also a great occasion to get some professional shots of you and your significant other in your favourite outfits, most treasured places, or just for the fun of it!

What started out as traditional posed shots have now blossomed into creative outlets for couples to showcase their personalities and even a little bit of their history.

We at Gush interviewed 4 couples surrounding their e-sessions and why they were so important to them.  This week we will share stories from two of these couples.

Crystal & Larry Burns

James Lee Photography (www.gossamercanvas.com or www.jamesleephoto.com)

Location:  Graffiti Alley and Brick Works, downtown Toronto.

Crystal on why she and Larry decided to have an e-session…

It was important for us to get to know our photographer and feel comfortable with him, so having that time was very helpful. It gave us a sense of comfort on the wedding day and also helped our wedding photos not be as awkward because we were a little more comfortable being professionally photographed together having already practiced.  It was also included in our photography package so that was a bonus!

Not only did we use our engagement photos to create a photo guest book that people could sign at the wedding (which was an awesome keepsake) we used them as part of a slideshow shown at the wedding.

Nikki & Simon Fisher

Sean & Sharri Richardon – http://www.richardson2photo.ca

Location: Cullen Park (formerly known as Cullen Gardens)

Nikki on sharing her and Simon’s location for their e-session…

Since we were going with a winter theme we wanted an area that had some buildings, foliage and open space plus our photographers live by Cullen Park so they were very familiar with the layout. A lot of people were doing Brick Works, the Distillery and Queen Street so we wanted something different. We also like the outdoors so we thought this would be very fitting. Given that our wedding pictures were going to be taken on a beach we wanted the complete opposite for our e-session. It was winter, snowy, minus 15 with the windchill – complete opposite of the wedding!

Truthfully having an e-session wasn’t all that important to me but once we decided to do it, the idea grew on me more and more. Simon hates having his photos taken so it was nice to have some pictures of us – its like pulling teeth trying to get him in a pic! 

A special thanks goes out to Crystal and Larry and Nikki and Simon for allowing us to share this weeks photos with you!  Stay tuned next week as we will be featuring unique e-session photos from two more couples.  


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One response to “E-Session (Part 1)

  • DorP

    YEAH Crystal and Nikki! These look awesome.Not gonna lie…I’m a little jealous we didn’t have any e-sessions taken…

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