Bridal Shower Favours

Planning a bridal shower for your best friend can be extremely stressful.  After all you want it to be perfect.  From the invitations down to the very last detail, the favours.  Hostesses are often stumped when it comes to choosing a  favour for guests since the choices are endless.  Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right gift.

The best favours are edible, useful or come in the form of a keepsake.

Edible favours are not only delicious but they are also a great gift idea since they are consumed as opposed to collecting dust in a cabinet.  If you choose to give a non-edible favour, it is best to pick a keepsake that will remind guests of their experience at the bridal shower or the couple themselves.  You may also want to forego the keepsake route and stick to a more practical gift that people will use.

Examples of edible favours include monogrammed cookies, cupcakes, chocolates, candy, individual pies


Keepsake favours and useful favours can go hand-in-hand. Wine stoppers, key chains, travel bags, and  pashminas are examples of useful favours.  Personalize it with a special message or monogram and it becomes a keepsake that guests will cherish.  Other keepsakes include a mini photo book filled with pictures of the couple, picture frames, cds with the couples favourite music, and so on. 


Stick with your theme. 

Most bridal showers these days have a theme.  When thinking about favours for guests don’t toss your theme out the door, capitalize on it.  We’ve outlined some favour ideas below based on theme.

Tea Party Theme – Cookies in tea party shapes (tea pots,cups),  vintage tea-cup and saucer, tins of the bride’s favourite tea


Wine Theme – Personalized bottles of wine, wine stopper, wine charms  


Spa Theme – manicure/pedicure sets,  mini nail polish sets, monogrammed housecoats


Kitchen/Baking Shower – recipe books, kitchen gadgets like cookie cutters, pie/cake servers

Beach Theme – flip-flops, beach towel

Backyard Garden Shower – potted plants, seeds, flowers


If you are hosting a shower that doesn’t have a theme but rather follows a colour palette, packaged favours like chocolates and candy in your colour scheme are a great option.


Pictures courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings


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  • DorP

    And what a wonderful bridal shower party planner you are! Wicked ladies. Any cool ideas/suggestions for engagement shoots?

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