Seating Card Options for the Crafty Bride

One of our readers recently asked if we could share some unique ideas for seating charts and escort cards. So today, that’s just what I am going to do!

A lot of these ideas are not only unique but affordable and great for those DIY brides out there.

Winter/Fall Brides..

Pine Cones

Not only do these little puppies look great, you might even find them in your own backyard. If you want a different look, you could always opt for spray painted versions in white or even gold.

Vintage Brides..

Doors & Window Panes

This is the pefect suggestion for our vintage brides who thrive on antique shops and garage sales to seek out new treasures. Look for weathered doors or old glass window panes. Who knows, trying your luck at a junkyard might even pay off?

Lace & Ribbon

A little ribbon and clothespins can go a long way.  These are extremely easy and beautiful ways to showcase your seating cards.

Whimsical Brides..


These adorable pinwheels make me feel so incredibly nostalgic. They are a piece of cake to create and the supplies are easily found in your local craft or dollar store. The colour options are endless.  Better yet, why not opt for a fun pattern instead?


I think this is great way to jazz up your seating cards. Seek out your local fabric stores for scrap material at a discounted prices. I would look for fabric with brightly coloured patterns and textures that compliment your wedding theme.

Spring/Summer Brides..


Ok, I simply LOVE this idea. Drinks as escort cards…brilliant!  Nothing like a seating card that serves a greater purpose!

As you can see, there are tons of different options out there for you, so get creative, and have fun with it!


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