DIY Floral Centrepieces

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Today’s post is going to show you how to make your very own floral centrepiece in three easy steps. Although I do not recommend creating your own floral centrepieces for your wedding, it is always good to know how to put together an arrangement for entertaining purposes. Floral centrepieces can really make a table look elegant and create the illusion that you have gone to a lot of effort. If you want to recreate the peony and hydrangea centerpiece I recently put together for a Gush photo shoot, here is what you will need:

Vase (mine was 9″l x 9″w x 9″h)


Three stems of hydrangea

Five stems of peonies

Floral Shears/Scissors or a Knife

Step 1

Place the flowers in a vase of water so that they stay hydrated while you work.

Step 2

Cut the oasis into the same shape as the container or vase. Soak it in water for 3 minutes. Make sure to submerge the oasis in water so that all sides absorb the liquid. Place the oasis in your vase.


Step 3

Once your oasis and vase are ready, remove one flower at a time from the water and cut it leaving approximately a 6 inch stem. Immediately after cutting the stem, insert the flower into the oasis. Martha Stewart recommends placing one flower on the side to get an idea of width and one on top to establish height. Then continue placing flowers in a dome shape until your arrangement is full and gorgeous.


Voila, you are done!


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