Gush-worthy Guest book Ideas

Today I thought I would share with you some unique trends for wedding guest books.

Wedding guest books originally came about as a format for a newlywed couples to:

1. remember who attended their wedding,

2. organize thank-you notes, and

3. start a formal address book.

Nowadays, wedding guest books are mainly used as a memorable keepsake of the wedding day. Since the traditional book of signatures often gets stored away to collect dust a lot of couples are now looking for unique ways to gather their guest’s signatures and sentiments.

Couples and planners alike are getting much more creative and finding alternatives that in the end will mean that much more to the couple. Guests are signing items that will be placed in the couple’s home or used on a special occasion.

Here are some of our favourites…

Thumbprint Trees

This lastest trend is simply adorable. I love the concept and the finished product is a perfect keepsake to hang in your home. The colour options are endless so it will go with just about any theme.

Postcard Wishes

I love this idea! Instead of having a guestbook, the bride and groom provide pre-stamped post cards for their guests to sign.  The guests take the postcards home with them, add their sentiments at their leisure, and then drop them in the mail.  When the newlyweds return from their honeymoon, what a nice treat it would be to receive all the loving postcards from their guests. Not to mention a nice trip down memory lane.

The photo shown above asks guests to submit a fact about the bride or groom which their partner may not know and drop it in the mini-mailboxes which are right at the wedding. Perhaps you might learn a thing or two about your new spouse? (and as an added bonus it saves you from having to buy all the stamps :))

Card Boxes

These little boxes are not only cute but extremely functional, as guests provide their sentiments on small index cards. What a great way to stay organized by collecting your guests names and addresses. Everytime you pull one out you will be reminded of the love shared by your family and friends on your wedding day.

More Keepsakes

Imagine wrapping yourself up on a cold night surrounded by a quilt signed with love of those that attended your wedding.

Other ideas could be having your guest sign a vase, a framed engagement photo or even a platter. At our wedding we chose to have our guests sign canoe paddles.

There are loads of options so get creative and have some fun with your guest books!


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