Edible Centrepieces

It’s Monday and there is no better way to start the week off then talking about scrumptious food and wedding decor, so why not combine the two.

Today we are featuring some edible DIY centrepiece ideas. I love the whole edible centrepiece concept since it is multi- faceted. Not only does it look amazing, but it is a great conversation piece, it keeps your guests’ tummies full, and in some cases it can be a very cost effective decor solution.

Cake stands make for a great centrepiece because they add height and are often beautiful all on their own. Top it off with a tower of your favourite dessert and it can be a masterpiece. I would recommend using donuts or cupcakes, but you could also use cookies, squares, macaroons, mini pies, tarts, and the list goes on. You can purchase a variety of different cake stands at your local Home Sense for as little as $10 a piece. I suggest using a variety of cake stands to add interest, and if you can, incorporate some colour into your dessert selection.

Creating a mini candy buffet at each table is perfect for couples who have a sweet tooth. Go to your nearest Dollar Store and select vases that are different heights and shapes.  If you have been collecting vintage vases or glass containers this is the place to use them.  Fill each vase with your favourite candy or confections that match your wedding colour scheme. As an added touch, place candy bags at each table so guests can take some for the road. And don’t forget the scoops! Scoops can be found at Kitchen Stuff Plus and you can buy different size bags at Bulk Barn or the Dollar Store.

The Gush team recently went to a venue launch in Toronto and saw the cutest edible dessert garden, which would be a perfect centrepiece for an outdoor summer wedding. The garden was made of cake pops shaped like flowers, bugs and other garden accessories and were displayed in vases filled with soil and grass. It was truly amazing. If you are talented enough to create something as fabulous as this, go for it!  The pictures below are not from the venue launch, but it gives you the idea.

If you are having a fall wedding, a more savoury centrepiece is in order. Consider purchasing wood baskets or contact your local winery to see if they will sell you their left over wine crates. Fill the crates with  red and yellow tomatoes, or if you want your guests to be able to consume the centrepiece, consider adding a  rustic element by including delicious bagettes and a variety of freshly baked breads in the baskets.  Be sure to include an oil and vinegar bread dip at each table.  Your guests will thank you 🙂  

Pictures courtesy of: Martha Stewart and Bakerella


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