Well Groomed

Calling all grooms! Want to look your best on your wedding day?  Here are a few tips.

Our handsome groom John from our peacock inspired wedding at the Boiler house is the perfect example of well groomed.  John is a guys guy and on a regular day rocks a backwards ball cap, basketball high tops and the occasional jersey.  His wife, Lauren, loves his everyday look but for their wedding day he pulled out all the stops.


John wore a black tuxedo, grey vest and pocket square followed by a black tie.  It was the perfect GQ look for an evening soiree.

John’s best man, Damian wore a similar black tux with grey vest but changed up the look with a teal pocket square and tie.


John’s dark suit was the perfect canvas for his colourful boutonierre which included; a purple cala lily, peacock feather and a purple ostrich feather wrapped in black ribbon and finished with gold wire.  It was a great accent to tie into the overall theme but still had a masculine feel.

Aren’t these two adorable?  They looked incredibly dapper in their black tuxes, grey vests, purple ties and pocket squares.  They were perfect little gentlemen all night, although they were happy to remind us of their true age in this pic. 

The boys donned similar boutonnieres as the groom with peacock, ostrich and speckled goose feathers wrapped in black ribbon and gold wire.

Want to pull off this look?  Here’s how:

1. Rent or purchase a suit/tux that is tailored.  It will always look better when it fits you properly. 

2. Get a proper haircut! Rule of thumb is to get a trim 2-3 days prior to the big day. That way it will give you a little time for it to grow in, or god forbid, time for a re-cut in case things don’t turn out as planned.

3. Pamper yourself with a shave at your local barber shop.  I have been told this is a real treat and will add to your polished look.

4. Although most brides have a say in this; add a splash of colour by choosing a boutonierre that ties in with you colour scheme.  Be creative, you can always create a masculine look using a variety of colours and textures.

5. Confidence.  Remember this is your day too, so smile and enjoy.  If you follow these guidelines you will already look the part, so all you need to do now is act the part. 

And to steal a line from Moores; “When everyone’s looking at her, she’ll be looking at you”


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