April Showers Bring May Flowers

With May upon us and hopefully the torrential rain storms behind us, I thought this would be the perfect time to feature some flowers that are in bloom in April, May and June; thanks to those April showers!   Choosing flowers that are in season will help you keep your floral budget in check.  For you eager brides out there who are planning for your spring or summer wedding in 2012, hopefully this post will help you select the perfect flowers for your special day.

Peonies and I have a secret love affair.  I refuse to get married unless I can have these lush, beautiful flowers in abundance on my special day.  I recently informed my boyfriend that he doesn’t have a say what time of year we tie the knot.  The only option is when these gorgeous blooms are readily available and at their best. 

Peonies are a hot commodity for weddings these days.  They are large, fragrant flowers ranging in colour from red, pink, white and yellow.  Pink and white peonies are in season in spring and early summer; so get these flowers while you can.  As most beautiful things are, peonies are high maintenance.  These flowers will last for a maximum of 3 hours out of water.  So ladies, do not expect your lush bouquet of peonies to stand the test of time like your marriage.  They will be wilted before your wedding night is through.  

Lily of the valley made a royal appearance at Kate and William’s wedding on April 29th.  If these flowers weren’t popular before, I bet they are in high demand now.  They are not a personal favourite of mine, but I do think they look quite lovely sparingly in a bouquet or centrepiece.  Lily of the valley are white, bell shaped, and sweetly scented, blooming in late spring.  These flowers have a very short stem and therefore require wiring before being placed in a bouquet or centrepiece.  Not only that but they require a constant water source if unwired to prevent them from wilting.  To top it off they are extremely expensive, most likely due to the intense labour that is required by the florist who have to wire stem after stem.  If you really love lily of the valley, I would suggest incorporating a few stems here and there, rather than having these flowers in abundance.


Green viburnum also known as the European Snowball in my opinion is a wanna-be hydrangea. The viburnum shrub produces lovely green tufts of flowers that fade to white as they age. This is the perfect filler flower for bouquets and centrepieces.  Similar to peonies and Lily of the Valley this flower is available from April through June.   If you want some colour and a full looking arrangement Green viburnum will do the trick.


For me, flowers are an extremely important element of a wedding or event.  They can transform a space and really set the tone for your wedding day.  Which ever flowers you choose, make sure they are a reflection of you and your groom.  And if you are working with a limited budget, don’t cut the flowers all together.  Work with your florist to find a happy medium, they are the experts and will be able to help bring your vision to a reality.

Sources: Petals, Stems & Leaves Inc., Astra Florists Ltd., Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty


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2 responses to “April Showers Bring May Flowers

  • Nicki Traikos

    Congrats on the beautiful blog!!! Nx

  • Laurie

    I knew I could count on Gush to fill me in about Kate’s flowers. I didn’t realize they were such high maintenance. I’m definitely going to still incorporate them into my bouquet, but not as predominantly as originally planned.
    Thanks ladies!

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