Not Just for Campfires

There is nothing more nostalgic than toasting marshmallows while sitting around a campfire. The crackling of the fire, the laughter of friends, and the sticky goo residue left on your fingers as you gingerly pop another marshmallow into your mouth. Oh how I love the summer!

Luckily for us, our favourite summer treat is no longer just a campfire staple. We are seeing marshmallows just about everywhere these days. In fact, you could say they have become the essential gourmet party treat!

Now I am not talking about the generic marshmallows that you find in a bag of 50 at your local super market. I am talking about handmade, mouth-watering marshmallows in just about any flavour you could dream of; vanilla bean, chocolate chip, strawberry and coconut – heck you can even find bacon flavoured.

They can be customized to just about any party theme and are not only perfect for kids but the adults will enjoy them too!


We have seen them in Amy Atlas’s gorgeous candy buffets and they have been a raging “must have” in the US known as Plush Puffs. The best part is they are all natural. Gourmet marshmallows can be used on your next sundae, with tea or simply enjoyed on their own.

Want to make your own gourmet marshmallows? Check out this easy recipe from the Joy of Cooking:

For those that would rather leave it to the professionals, visit Toronto’s La Bambouche at Yonge and Eglinton or Nadège on Queen Street West.

Have a sweet Friday everyone!



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