Cuppa Tea

In light of today’s festivities I thought I would share with you one of my favourite things; Tea.


Growing up, I was accustomed to the tradition of tea time.  My grandmother Rose was born in England and therefore carried with her a lot of English traditions. No matter what was occupying your time,  a break for an afternoon tea and “bickie” (short-form for biscuit ) was a must.

She insisted that tea be made in a proper tea-pot and drank out of china tea cups,  it will simply taste better.  Tea should be served on a silver platter with milk and sugar and you are to never stir your tea more than twice, that was just bad etiquette. Any type of “bickie” would do, but shortbread (especially shortbread dipped in chocolate) was always preferred. Her choice of tea you might ask? Always orange pekoe.

Nowadays, the options when it comes to tea are limitless.  You have your choice of a variety of different types and flavours such as black tea, white tea, green tea, herbal tea, loose leaf tea, wellness tea, bubble tea and the list goes on. Tea is no longer just found at your local supermarket, you can shop at specialty tea shoppes like the Tea Emporium or Davids Tea.

Gone are the days where tea pots and cups were only used for making and drinking tea.  You can use them to hold your tea lights, flower arrangements and even your cupcakes. There truly is nothing more gorgeous than a vintage tea-cup and saucer and as such they have become a popular decorative accent at social parties and weddings alike.


Another popular trend is loose leaf tea buffets. These are becoming increasingly common at bridal and baby showers…what fun for your guests to pick out a few new teas to try.


And so, on an occasion like today; the royal wedding, I can’t think of a better way of celebrating than a spot of tea.  I raise my tea-cup and toast the happy couple.

Congratulations William and Kate!



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